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Accounting and Reporting During Uncertain Economic Times

Join us for a roundtable discussion on the many ways uncertainty has impacted businesses in recent years, and how that uncertainty affects accounting and reporting.

Accounting Impacts of Natural Disasters: Expect the Unexpected

The last few years have taught us to expect the unexpected. So join us for a look at accounting for natural disasters and ensure your business knows what to do when th...

Let’s Get Digital – Decrypting Digital Assets

If you thought crypto and other digital assets were confusing enough, try accounting for them! Good thing we just devoted this entire episode to that very topic.

To Fair Value or Not to Fair Value? That Is the Question.

In the latest episode of the Accounting Matters podcast, our three Embarkers tackle ASC 825 and accounting for the ever-perplexing fair value option. So join us!

Accounting for Temporary Equity – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Join us for a lively chat on all things temporary equity, including what it is, who it impacts, why the SEC deems it important, and how companies should account for it.

It’s a Liability, It’s Equity, It’s ASC 480 (Part 2)

In this second and final part of our ASC 480 miniseries, the team takes a deep dive into each of the standard’s three instrument classes. So buckle up for some learning!

It’s a Liability, It’s Equity, It’s ASC 480 (Part 1)

In this episode, Embark’s team tackles the age-old, complex process of differentiating between debt and equity capitalization for financial reporting.

The Scoop on Valuations, Pt. 1: ASC 805 and You

In this episode, Embark’s valuation experts walk you through ASC 805 and all the pertinent GAAP goodness on business combinations.

Fair & Square – Accounting for Fair Value Measurements

In this episode, Embark’s GAAP gurus shine the spotlight on all things fair value, why it’s so integral to reporting, and what the evolving standards say about the topic.

Accounting for Profit Interest Awards 2: Navigating the GAAP Highway

In our second episode on profit interest awards, the Embark team discusses the differences between ASC 710 and 718 and, most importantly, when to apply them.

Accounting for Profit Interest Awards: Ensure Your Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Join our team of GAAP gurus for a look at profit interest awards, why they’re gaining steam in this crazy labor market, and what the accounting standards say about them.

Accounting for Stock Warrants – Not As Scary As You Might Think

In this episode of Accounting Matters, our team of experts takes a look at an often misunderstood, sometimes feared corner of GAAP – accounting for stock warrants.

Say Goodbye to Manual Processes with Alteryx and Automated Accounting

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of automating accounting with Alteryx, how it differs from Excel, as well as Alteryx implementation best practices.

Embark’s ESG Series: Social & Governance

Join Embark’s team of ESG experts for a detailed discussion on the social and governance components of ESG and how they might affect your organization.

New Rules for SPACs – Fresh Looks for an Old Friend?

In this episode, we discuss the SEC’s recently proposed new rules for SPACs and what the proposed disclosure requirements could mean for your company.

Embark’s ESG Series: Environmental, Part 2

In this second part of our two-fer on the environmental component of ESG, we focus on the recently proposed disclosures and reporting requirements from the SEC.

Embark’s ESG Series: Environmental, Part 1

In this first of two parts on the environmental component of ESG, we discuss GHG emissions reporting, scopes, and the impact of sustainability measures on organizations.

ASU 2020-06: Your Accounting for Convertible Instruments BFF

Join Embark as we discuss the new guidance on accounting for convertible instruments, how it’s simpler than the previous guidance, and some adoption tips to boot.

Embark’s ESG Series, Part 1: What’s ESG and Why Should You Care?

Join Embark’s ESG implementation team as they define and discuss ESG, why it’s such a hot button issue, and what makes it so critical to the future of your business.

Embark’s IPO Series, Part 5: After the IPO – What’s Next?

Embark’s team discusses the seemingly countless new requirements you’ll face after your IPO, from reporting deadlines to new developments like ESG.

Embark’s IPO Series, Part 4: Beyond the Financials – Other Registration Statement Matters

A behind-the-scenes look at drafting and filing your registration statement, the SEC review and comment letter process, common disclosure requirements, and more!

Embark’s IPO Series, Part 3: Crunching the Numbers – Reporting Requirements & Issues

A detailed discussion on IPO financial statement requirements, common hiccups, and what makes reporting such a significant, imposing hurdle to clear.

Embark’s IPO Series, Part 2: Are You Ready? A Spotlight on IPO Readiness

In part two of Embark’s IPO series, we focus on the importance of a readiness assessment and the seemingly countless things to account for before ringing the bell.

Embark’s IPO Series, Part 1: Get to Know the IPO

An introductory dive into the IPO pool, discussing the overall process, regulatory demands, today’s IPO market, and the benefits of going public.

Demystifying the Cash Flow Statement: Be Not Afraid

A detailed walk through the cash flow statement, what the guidance in ASC 230 says, along with some cash flow preparation tips and insights.

Accounting for Shiny New Software, Cloud, and Website Tech Costs

Making sense of the accounting guidance on technology costs, how it differs according to the type of tech, and some insights to keep you in the accounting clear.

Assets Held for Sale: Accounting for Your Blue-Light Special

A look at accounting for assets held for sale and how this specific type of asset disposal has some specific rules under US GAAP.

Stock-Based Compensation Part 2: Sweat the ASC 718 Details

In part two, we take a deeper dive into the nuances of accounting for stock-based awards, ASC 718, and provide some pro tips from our team of experts.

Stock-Based Compensation Part 1: An Overview – Happy People, Compliant Financials

In this first episode of a two-parter, we review ASC 718, Stock Compensation, and accounting for these potential difference-makers for your talent acquisition and rete...

ASC 842 Lease Modifications & Remeasurements: No Time to Rest Post-Adoption

With lease modifications and remeasurements lurking in the future, adoption’s only the first in a continuing series of responsibilities under ASC 842.